Helmut Rechberger 维也纳技术大学废物及资源管理研究中心主任教授


Prof. Rechberger is the Head of the Research Centre for Waste and Resource Management. He teaches courses in Urban Metabolism, Resource Management, scientific Evaluation Methods, Waste Management and Technology, Waste Incineration. 

Research Interests

 • Material flow analysis
• Waste and resource management
• Scientific and technical evaluation methods
• Urban metabolism
• Anthropogenic metabolism
• Industrial ecology
• Recycling and waste treatment technologies

Prof. Rechberger’s research interests: further development of evaluation methods and concepts in waste and resource management including statistical entropy and thermodynamic-based approaches; introduction of mathematical-statistical tools of material flow analysis to consider data uncertainty and error propagation; cost accounting in combination with material flow analysis; method development for the characterization of mixed wastes with regard to relevance for greenhouse-gas emissions; environmental impacts of resource utilization; recovery of valuable substances from ashes and slag; investigation of morphological and chemical composition of urban stocks including dynamics.