Edward T. Chen 美国中美环境保护与安全协会会长


Chen, Edward T., President, Chinese American Society of Environmental Protection & Safety




More than 40 years experience and research in the areas of environmental pollution control with emphasis on municipal solid waste operations, recycling, waste to energy, landfill disposal, circular economy, household hazardous waste management, end user markets, recycled product procurement, waste minimization/prevention, waste audit, material recovery facility (MRF), biomass technology, construction & demolish (C&D) waste,and CO2 reduction. Developed an award-winning public-private recycling partnership that has saved millions dollars for the Houston, the partnership was used to implement a comprehensive recycling program for the Houston.




1999 - 2004: Appointed by the Houston Mayor Lee Brown to be Environmental Protection Coordinator and Advisor to the Shanghai Municipal Government

2007 - Invited as a Keynote Speaker at " Contamination  Clean Up 07" , an Industry Summit held in Australia, June 2007

1993 - Received the United States Conference of Mayor's Municipal Solid Waste Management Association's National Fellowship and Achievement Award, given in recognition of Mr. Chen's outstanding contribution in the field of solid waste.

1999 - As Mayoral appointee & delegate of the Houston Mayor's Business Development Mission to Japan, China, and other Asia countries to promote business development in the area of environmental protection.

2002 - Second time as Mayoral appointee & delegate of the Houston Mayor's Business Development Mission and visited sister cities such as: Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai. Shi-an, and Hangzhou.

2004 - Received Honorable Mention & President's Award from the Recycling Alliance of Texas for outstanding leadership in soild waste & recycling

1998 - Received the Chairman's Award for outstanding leadership in Houston's recycling efforts from the Houston Corporate Recycling Council (HCRC)




2015 -2018, Board of Director, Colony Grant HOA, Sugar Land, USA

2003 - 2004, President of Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (OCESSA), USA

2001 - 2002, President of Association of Chinese American Professionals (ACAP), Houston, USA

1994 - 1998, Board of Director of Solid Waste Association of North America - Texas Chapter, USA

1989 - 1993, Board of Director of Recycling Coalition of Texas, USA