Ajoy Raychaudhuri 印度国际废旧电池回收基金会创始人、


Present Position

Founder DirectorBattery and Recycling Foundation International,New Delhi, India


Summary of Professional Skills


Specialisation : 

- VRLA Battery Technology,

- Waste  Management of ULABS , and  EST of Secondary Lead  Recovery.

- Electronic & Electrical Waste Management


Accreditation :

-Registered with the Senior Experten Service, Bonn

- Hony Advisor, BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry


International Awards 

Confucius Friendship Award  .. 2010 conferred by Shandong Province, CHINA

Qilu Friendship Award  ..2012 conferred by Shandong Province, CHINA


International Assignments

Agency : UNCTAD, Geneva

I have done a project on behalf of UNCTAD on Hazardous Waste Management of Used Lead Acid Batteries in India. The study in the first phase has involved a short issues paper which takes stock of the Key Environmental and Economic problems of the automotive battery recycling industry in India, its adjustment needs in the light of the trade restrictions resulting from the Basel Convention ban on import of Scrap batteries.

At a UNCTAD conference on Trade, Investment and Environment in January 1999 at Jaipur, I have presented a paper on “The Basel Experience –Focus on Secondary Lead Recovery”. Paper published in UNCTAD publication ( UNCTAD/ITCD/TED/6).

In the second phase it is proposed to coordinate with the major stakeholders in order to improve restructuring of the secondary lead recovery industry, upgrading environmental and occupational and performance, and transfer of technology and skills.


1. At Rombat Battery Company , Romania , 1994.

Mission area : Introduce a marketing and service plan to market their batteries in a free market economy

  1. At Qufu Sacred Sun Power Sources Industry Co.Ltd, Qufu ( Shandong Province), China, Oct 1999.

Mission area : VRLA Battery Technology

3. At Zhoushan Huayuan Electricity Co. Ltd, Zhoushan ( Zhejiang Province),China, Oct 1999.

Mission Area : Solve their manufacturing problems, and introduce pollution controls

4. At Thanh Phuc Company Limited, Haiphong, Vietnam, August 2001.

Mission area : solve their quality problems, and to assist in their modernisation programme

5. At Thanh Phuc Company Limited, Haiphong, Vietnam, November 2001.

Mission area : Follow up assignment , and introduce environmentally sound technology for lead recovery

6. At Hubei Jinyang Metallurgical Co Ltd, at Gucheng County, Hubei, China, June -July 2004

Mission area: to render expertise to address the issue of Secondary Lead Recovery through Appropriate Technology

7. At Hubei Jinyang Metallurgical Co Ltd, Gucheng County, Hubei, China, May-June 2005.

Mission area : Follow up assignment on Secondary Lead Recovery

8. At Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Industry Co. Ltd., Qufu, China, July 2006.

Mission area : Improve Quality, Developing of New Markets